Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Eyesore 9000

If you're ever bogged down by standards like ISO 9001:2000, you must read the Eyesore 9000 standard. It comes with intuitive, easy-to-understand phrases like:

How you document it [your process] is your business.Feel free to use scratch and sniff in your Quality Manuals. Do the whole thing in Morse Code. This Clause specifically prohibits your registrar from mandating the format of your documentation, or the methods by which your execute ISO 9001. It's the Clause they don't want you to know about.

Such valuable advise, and for free! The e-book comes with a lot of handy suggestions like "Make sure the ink dried.", which has surely reduced the number of wet-ink accidents for the ISO 9001 implementers, formerly a major cause of implemenation related injuries. But you must have a little something the book expects you to have: a sense of humour.

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