Sunday, October 29, 2006

Changing names (and the World)

Guy Kawasaki has changed the name on his blog to "How to Change the World". That, I like. Also I like the tagline:

"A practical blog for impractical people."

Only impractical people can change the world. Practical means, or so I think, "connected to the world", and by definition, changing the world involves reversing practicality, if such a word exists.

Have I ever thought of changing the world? When I was fifteen there was no other option, for there was nothing that deserved to stay. I wanted to change the way education was slapped upon us, I wanted to make cars cheaper, Buying things for indulgence would be the norm, I'd make a world class hospital, and change politics for what I know.

Now when I'm 32, I don't see it as black and white anymore. A hospital's fine but I want to be able to pay for private rooms. I want to change politics but not right now. I can change education, but the effort needs me to go full time, and I have a family to feed. I want to make cars costlier, except the one I like. I want to keep that shade of grey, and can we remove the 50% gray, please?. Oh yes and that entire series of grays has to go, but that one out there, peeping out from the corner, yeah that can stay. I kinda like that.

I kinda like that.

Famous last words.

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