Saturday, November 18, 2006

Bangalore Barcamp: The Geek Freedom Jam

The next Bangalore Barcamp will be on December 2 and 3, 2006, at:

2nd Floor, Tower C,
Corporate Block, Diamond District,
Airport Road, Bangalore.

Registrations are on.

This is going to be my first barcamp. I really like the concept: an open geek event with the ability to network, interact, find like minded folks, and quite interestingly, open up avenues for startups.

The last barcamp looked like fun. Lotsa familiar faces.

A good time to be had. And perhaps an insight into whether there's enough geekhood in this otherwise nutty city.

(You'll notice I used "Freedom Jam" instead of the ubiquitous "Woodstock". Many bangaloreans will know Freedom Jam - the free-to-all concert held on Independence Day)

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